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Beauty Through the Ages

Plastic Surgery to help you celebrate your own
interpretation of beauty... at any age.

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Enhance Your Figure

Flaunt your figure for as long as you can.

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Refine Yourself

Keep ahead of the curve.
Stay competitive.

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Restore Form & Function

Build self confidence throughout life.

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Maintain Your Age Gracefully

Tailored procedures just for you.

Meet Dr. Atanu Biswas

“You should be able to celebrate your own interpretation of beauty at any age.”

Dr. Biswas understands that your aesthetic priorities evolve as you progress through life. Choosing a surgeon who grasps your interpretation of your aesthetic ideals is an intensely personal decision. Dr. Biswas believes the formation of this mutual understanding is an integral part of your surgery and healing process.

Dr. Atanu Biswas

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At Biswas Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer a collection of procedures to fit your needs at our office in Peoria/Sun City. We welcome you to explore our site to learn more about our procedural and skin care catalogue.